Robotics Incursion

Our programmable drone incursions are perfect for beginners. Students easily learn to program multiple Drones to fly in a swarm, and develop amazing AI functions. Programming has never been this fun!
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The Robotics Incursion Curriculum

Students learn to program their buildable robot to walk, wave and dance. They create and command their own robotic LEGO creatures, vehicles, machines and inventions. With Swift Playgrounds kids can code and interact with their creations’ motors and sensors.

Block Programming

Students are introduced to coding using block programming. As block programming does not require students to have programming knowledge it's perfect for beginners.

Real-world Coding

Students advance and learn the core concepts of coding by writing real code using the free and open source Swift programming language. Drones are programmed to takeoff, land, move and perform aerobatic manoeuvres.

AI Development

Students learn to access the drones video stream data, exploring object recognition, tracking, 3D reconstruction through programming, computer vision, and deep learning technologies

Drone Swarms

Control a swarm of Tello EDUs to fly over Mission Pads, and perform flips and other acrobatic movements.

Everything's Included

Everything's Included Our sessions come with programmable drones, spare batteries for longer flight time, preloaded smart phones, safety goggles, and teachers’ notes.

Learn The Fundamentals of Robotics

More than 1 million kids and adults from around the world are already using Swift Playgrounds to learn the fundamentals of coding robotics.

Apply Core Coding Concepts

Students instantly see the code they create and directly control their favorite robots. It’s an incredibly exciting and powerful way to learn.

The Robotics Incursion

Students learn programming skills and develop trust in their individual creativity.
  • Coding

    • Fundamentals of coding
    • Perfect for beginners
    • Powerful and intuitive programming language
  • Robotics

    • Learn to code using robots
    • Exciting and Powerful
    • Playful and Creative
  • Hands-on Learning

    • Playful learning
    • Incredibly popular sessions
    • Real-life problem solving

Work With Us

Request a detailed incursion pack and discover how our framework supports every learner in your classroom to learn and experiment with code.
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